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Olivier comes to us from a little suburb called Dreux, just outside of Paris, France.  Olivier began his athletic career at the ripe age of 5 as a wrestler.  By the time he was 15 he was wrestling for the French Team and later began teaching young protégés.  By age 20 he was attending the University of Orleans, in Orleans, France where he acquired his certifications as a running and swimming coach (first degree). He also worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the State Pools.  Later he attended Bouloris in Nice, France where he acquired his primary certification as a Triathlon Coach.  He then began working for the Tri28Club where he was both a coach and a member of the triathlon team.   He has 12 years of training as a Triathlete with the ASC Dreux Triathlon Team and the Tri28Club under his belt, as well as 5 years of training as a Cycler with Cyclo Club Drouais and Marchezai Club.  After landing in the USA in 2002 he began working at Bally’s Sports Club in NYC and doing some private training with triathletes.  While in NY he participated in 3 triathlons, all of which he won 1st place for his age category, and placed in the top 10 overall.  Now living in Raleigh, NC he is excited about fulfilling his lifelong dream of running his own studio and he continues to train for the next big race.



All classes are $10 to drop in, $100 for a 12 class pass.  All classes are open to all levels, jump in anytime. Register online or in person.

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                                                                                                             Nutritional Coaching

In addition to 13 years of educating young people on physical, emotional, social and mental health, I have dabbled in Ayurveda and studied herbs as medicine, am a certified yoga instructor and a certified nutritional coach.  Here's how I got here:

When I was a kid I remember being at the grocery store with my mom and an employee commenting on the 6 or so gallons of milk in our cart. There were two drinks of choice in our house, milk and water. Sometimes for breakfast there was juice, if we had oranges, but we squeezed it ourselves with a manual juicer. Soda was something that might have appeared at Christmas or maybe on your birthday and it was probably more like ginger ale. I remember my mom cooking dinner every night and most meals on the weekends. We never owned a microwave (she still does not).

I grew up believing the sun dried up colds, the ocean healed most wounds and tv rotted your brain. Once we reached school age we had to pick two sports to participate in every season and when we weren't doing that we were outside playing from sunrise to sunset. While many of those ideas have since been proven true and beneficial by science I believed them to be true because my mom told me so. You know who told her? Let's just say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".....enter grandma.




When I was a kid I thought my grandma was a total weirdo. She made her own yogurt, grew her own garden, kept lots of nuts in jars and sometimes when I'd come over for lunch, she'd be standing on her head. Everyone in the neighborhood knew my mom and my grandma. Not only because my mom had 8 kids but because she jogged the neighborhood and my grandma walked it, everyday. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how smart and progressive my grandma was until she had already lost her mind. She died at 98 in her sleep. My mom said the night before she died she had perfect blood pressure. She died with a full head of hair, almost all of her teeth, a healthy build and muscle tone.

So it was no big surprise that I grew up to teach Health and PE. That I also began practicing (and teaching) yoga, tending my own garden and that I cook all my meals from local, organic ingredients. I keep my nuts in jars and I walk a lot.

All that being said, the food system today is not the same system my grandma or mom grew up with. Today's food system is highly corrupt, highly processed and highly questionable. The more you know, the less you'll eat. So if you only know one thing, let it be that you eat like grandma- simple, whole foods. If you need some help with this, I'm happy to be your guide.

marieleabo@gmail.com    919 210-0764

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